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Local Support is the Key to Successful Adoption of Technology

Many organisations who implemented audit technology, faced a common issue when it comes to requesting for help, whether in form of technical support or professional /consulting services: There is no one based locally if the software vendor doesn’t have presence in their country. What does this means for you?

First of all, to get a consultant to your site, he/she needs to fly over from the HQ office, let’s say, Singapore. This will equates to additional cost due to travel and expense. It also means you have to wait longer to have that resource for your problem or project.

Secondly, the cost from a technology vendor typically priced in USD, from the range of $1800 to $2200 per man-day or more. So imagine if trying to create a customised analytics script which takes 5 days, you could be paying a lot. These are the hidden costs when it comes to choosing your technology solution.

There are many reasons why local technical support in the country is often better than remote support from other countries.

Firstly, local technical support is typically provided by experts in the same area/country. This means that they are more likely to be able to immediately identify and resolve any issues that you are experiencing.

Secondly, remote support from other countries can often be significantly slower than local support. This is because overseas support staff are often required to travel to the customer’s location to provide services.

Thirdly, the man-day rates for professional services is typically a lower rate compared to the technology vendor, and without the need for travel expenses, the cost is definitely much lower.

Finally, many customers find that remote support from other countries is not as personalised or engaging as local support. This is because overseas support staff are often limited to answering questions and providing technical assistance. Not forgetting about language barrier!

At Quaditix, we believe in providing local support and services in our respective operating countries. This helps us to build a stronger relationship with our customers because we will know their situation better, and able to have a better response time when trying to solve their problems.

To know what we can offer for our services, reach out to info@quaditix.com.

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