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10 Ways to Avoid Data Exposure in Internal Audits

In today's digital age, the integrity and confidentiality of audit data are paramount. With increasing regulatory scrutiny and the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, internal auditors must be vigilant in protecting sensitive information. Data exposure, whether ...

User Licensing – Which is right for you?

There has been many questions on Concurrent Users vs Named Users licensing model. For example, Arbutus has both named users, and concurrent users, while Galvanize, licensed their analytics subscription with named user model only. We ...

Combat Fraud with Data Analytics

While fraud is not a new phenomenon, the current financial crisis has shown that fraud is increasingly becoming common. With this in mind, managers should start a series of anti-fraud measures that can minimise this. ...

Is it time to move out of spreadsheets?

It is true that spreadsheets are valuable instruments, and we frequently work with teams that are storing legacy data in spreadsheets or transitioning from Excel to another system. Spreadsheets have their place, but do they ...

Is Your GRC Solution on the cloud yet?

It's imperative that your GRC solution is always secure and available, and can be easily updated when needed, since it's at the core of your risk management and compliance programs.When hosting your GRC platform, your ...

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