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Arbutus Platform – Streamlining Your Auditing Process with Continuous Audit Technology

The objective of continuous auditing is to automate, track and identify certain transactions and information through the use of internal audit technology such as Arbutus. The technology is able to perform comprehensive data analysis that ensures everything is running according to plan, identifies trends, and reports outliers.

Internal audit technology is used as part of continuous auditing to gather data in a continuous manner. Throughout the year, you will receive continuous feedback regarding the state of the organization. Data analysis is comprehensive enough to uncover vital information quickly and only based on exceptions, so you will be aware of it.


Technologies enable you to conduct assessments according to the frequency that is best suited to your business objectives and goals. Arbutus Platform is one of the easiest, yet powerful platform for you to transit into a continuous auditing.

Arbutus Platform

The Arbutus platform offers unparalleled data analysis capabilities and options ranging from data import, data analysis, sharing, export, scheduling and continuous monitoring. Through Arbutus, you can gain better business insights at unprecedented speeds using all of your data. The components in the platform includes:

Arbutus Analyser

Arbutus Analyzer is a powerful data access and analysis solution that auditors, business analysts, and fraud investigators use to access and analyse data quickly and simply. Its robust performance and easy to use features give you the shortest route to answers in your data. Analyzer is used as part of a desktop-based analytics approach that gives users of all levels the ability and confidence to perform difference-making analysis.

Arbutus Hub

Arbutus Hub is the foundational component of the Analytics Enterprise Edition, as well as an optional, but key part for Fraud Detection, Cost Recovery and Data Solutions. The Arbutus Windows Server is used to support a number of important capabilities that benefit from having a centralised platform. Some of the capabilities that the Windows Server enables include:

  • Setting up and managing scheduled analytics
  • Scheduling off hours access to production data
  • Maintaining all sensitive and important data on secure servers
  • Additional processing performance for big data files
  • Offloading of time-consuming analytics from production or desktop environments
  • Systematically managed your results
  • Share your findings across your organisation within Arbutus
  • Worldwide access to data, tests and results
Results Manager

Results Manager is an optional component within the Arbutus Analytics platform which can expand the features of the Arbutus Hub to facilitate exception management.

It is a flexible workflow technology that enables the users to structure, prioritize, manage and follow up on the results from your data analytics efforts no matter their level of technical capability or location.


This component provides browser based access to the entire analytics repository, acting as a self-serve analytics portal. This may be the ideal entry point for less technically oriented users who simply need the end result of predefined analytics.

Data Connectors

Arbutus Data Connectors are a collection of ODBC drivers for popular applications and data sources such as: Amazon S3, Xero, Couchbase, PostgreSQL, Jira, Workday, SQL Server, Google Big Query, NetSuite, Jive, SAP/HANA, REST:API, Cassandra, MySQL, Apache HBASA, TeraData, Intuit quickbooks, splunk, mongoDB, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, Amazon Redshift, Apache Spark, Amazon web services, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Excel Online, SAP Concur, salesforce, Active Directory, MS Exchange.

Why Choose Arbutus Analytics?
  • In use by over 1000+ organisations worldwide
  • Cost-effective to implement
  • Delivers the fastest implementation on the market
  • Remarkable processing speed
  • Dedicated product development team, focusing on providing cutting-edge analytics and data access solutions
  • Rated 5 Star by real users in Software Advice and Capterra for excellent customer services and support
  • For former ACL users, zero transition concerns and risks and minimal learning curve

If you wish to know more about how to use Arbutus Platform, please reach out to us for a discussion at info@quaditix.com.

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