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Popular Analytics Tests

Many Internal Audit team needs to prove ROI if they intend to invest in Analytics technology. So to achieve quick ROI on your analytics, we have come up with 6 areas of common and popular analytics tests that you can consider. These will help you in enhance and get more value from your data analytics.


Getting more value from data analytics tools

Whether it’s the public or private sector, data plays a very important role. With the ever-evolving analytic and collection tools available, businesses and agencies can use data to identify fraud, streamline workflows and do much more. As the importance of data analytics increases in business, it’s becoming more critical that they know more about this. We created this guide to help you do all the wonders they can with the data.


How to implement data analytics for internal audit team

Studies have shown that data analytics is increasingly becoming a game-changer. The ability to use data analytics to manage operations and achieve competitive advantage is one of the most important issues for board members and chief executives of companies worldwide. But with the current maturity in data analytics for audit, many organisations still have a long way to go. We have created this guide to help you understand and implement data analytics in your organisation.


Buyer's Guide for a Governance Risk Compliance Solution

When it comes to choosing a Governance, Risk and Compliance solution, there are 2 areas of challenges for most GRC team: - With constrained budget, how do you develop a strong business case and convince the decision makers for a new technology - Despite an abundance of options, what is the right software for you today, and scale for tomorrow? This ebook is a buyer’s guide to convince your stakeholders to invest in what you needed, help you navigate the process of selecting the right solution that best meets your needs.


Audit Beyond Limits: How Ai and Audit Analytics can Shape The Future

In recent years, advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and audit analytics have transformed the auditing landscape. With the rise of big data and the increasing complexity of business operations, auditors are leveraging these technologies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their audit processes.

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